When Fox once again proved its perplexing dedication to bad decisions by canceling Brooklyn Nine-Nine earlier this year, another network wasted little time in seizing an obvious opportunity. After a large pushback from fans across Twitter and elsewhere, NBC—an objectively better network—swooped in and picked up the Andy Samberg and Terry Crews-starring sitcom for a season six run of 13 episodes.

Prior to learning that news, however, the cast was feeling understandably taken aback by Fox's move. "Let me tell you, that started off my summer," Crews, who's currently promoting Boots Riley's wildly original and wholly inspiring Sorry to Bother You, told Jimmy Kimmel Monday. "It was the most dramatic thing ever. I was doing press for Deadpool 2 and I was like 'We're coming back, it ain't no thing.' All of a sudden, they were like 'You're canceled!' and I was like 'Excuse me? What was that? What?' It was the shock of a lifetime.

Crews and the cast immediately started flooding their WhatsApp group chat with their concerns, concerns which were quickly validated by fans both famous and pedestrian. "It was horrible, and then the internet," Crews said. "The internet flipped out . . . There's never been a greater example than the difference between Nielsen ratings and what people are actually watching than Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

Shortly after Lin-Manuel Miranda and Guillermo del Toro got involved with the cause, NBC made their play. "Less than 30 hours later, we were picked up and we're on again," Crews said.

As a side note, treat your brain to the aforementioned Sorry to Bother You as soon as it hits a theater near you.