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It’s been nearly seven months since published allegations of sexual misconduct against comedian and Master of None creator Aziz Ansari. After responding to the accusations, Ansari has kept a relatively low profile, only recently dipping back into stand up.

In the wake of the allegations and the #MeToo movement, the future of Ansari’s hit Netflix series seemed up in the air. The streaming company previously booted Kevin Spacey and Danny Masterson after sexual assault allegations against the two actors surfaced. That same treatment, however, isn’t being extended toward Aziz. Netflix executive Cindy Holland recently shared that the company would “be happy” to welcome a third season of Master of None.

Of course, this doesn’t mean a new season is coming. Back in 2017, all signs pointed to a third season but Ansari has yet to bring anything to the table and would likely be content leaving this as is. "I'll write something and do something eventually, but I’m kind of content with doing nothing for right now,” he told The Hollywood Reporter last year.

When asked about the show, which won her an Emmy, Lena Waithe revealed that she knew little about the next season’s development. “I mean, I talk to Aziz and Alan [Yang, co-creator] but it's the last thing that ever comes up in our conversations,” she told the U.K. Independent back in March. “It's their show, it's up to them, truly, which is what's kind of cool about Netflix, unless they really hate a show they're always like, 'Yeah feel free to come back and do more,' so I think the ball's in their court, I just haven't asked the question."

There are a number of reasons Netflix could be approaching Ansari’s allegations different than other cases. One is the heavy criticism voiced over the ethics of the piece. Another being Ansari’s steadfast defenses from people like Waithe, his Parks and Recreation co-stars, and other peers.

It’s unclear if we’ll ever get another season of Master of None, but it’s obvious that not all allegations during the #MeToo movement carry the same weight for Netflix, and that the company would be more than happy to take on any future projects Aziz Ansari may have in store.