Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is no stranger to criticizing the Trump administration or his own network Fox. On Saturday, MacFarlane’s criticism of Fox News and its anchor Tucker Carlson went viral after the multi-hyphenate tweeted how "embarrassed" he is to work for the same network as Carlson.

As Deadline notes, the tweet was inspired by CNN’s Brian Stelter, who pointed out the Fox News host’s troubling advice to viewers. "If you’re looking to understand what’s actually happening in this country, always assume the opposite of whatever they’re telling you on the big news stations," Carlson said, per Stelter’s tweet.

MacFarlane then went in on Carlson and the network for what he dubbed "fringe shit." 

It’s unlikely that this criticism poses much of a threat to Carlson’s position at Fox News or the network in general. Fox is currently fielding competing bids for its studio assets from Disney and Comcast. After the deal closes, Fox News and the Fox broadcast network will remain under the “New Fox” umbrella, while MacFarlane’s deal is with 20th Century Fox TV. That means he’ll become a part of the Disney or Comcast deal and no longer be connected to Fox News or Tucker Carlson, so he won't have to be embarrassed for too much longer.