Jeff Goldblum—let’s face it, who plays the only characters in Jurassic Park and Independence Day who matter—did a Reddit AMA on Monday to discuss his next film Hotel Artemis, which is slated for release on Friday (June 8). And, as expected, there were some questions about the film and past movies, and overall, fans showed a lot of love for Goldblum. But a lot of the questions were also just odd.

The AMA started out fairly normal when Goldblum was asked what his favorite line was from the movies he’s acted in, to which he answered, “It's tough to choose but off the top of my head—I think it's my laugh in the helicopter scene in Jurassic Park.”

Towards the end, he was also asked a question about his role in Hotel Artemis, and if he liked playing the villain in the film: “I have a few scenes that I found entirely nutritious and there are a few bad types in the movie. I would say I'm complicated, some light and some dark—my favorite combination.”

But things got a bit strange in between—and Goldblum often answered using his infinite stockpile of dad jokes. Someone asked who would win in a fight with a machete, Dave Bautista or Charlie Day? Goldblum answered, “Dave Bautista—he's a mountain of a man.”

He was also asked if he would rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses, and what his favorite color is, to which he replied, “Well I'm a lover not a fighter, but I think I could take on that big duck. My favorite color is rainbow.”

But at points, the dad jokes became extreme, particularly when he shared how he likes his eggs. “Ooooh! I'd like to say shirred, but I don't even know what that is, it just sounds exotic. Really, I crack them in the pan and then just drag them around. I think it's called…'scrambled and rustic,' then I like to mix some shredded cheese in them.”

Or when he was asked how he likes being a parent to his sons Charlie Ocean and River Jones who are two and one years old, respectively. “Fatherhood is spectacular. Entirely transformational and everything is a boon. In fact, I'm changing my name to Daniel Boon.”

Surprisingly, we didn't hear much about the jazz album he's releasing. Still, a lot of people expressed their love for him, and he always returned the favor—and we expect nothing less from Jeff Goldblum.

You can check out the entire AMA here.