Loving a television show comes down to a number of factors: dope writing, beautiful visuals and, most importantly, dope performances. An amazing acting job can elevate even the weakest script (at times), and this year, we've been hit with a dumb amount of great performances from characters we've never seen on-screen before. Not sure what the reasoning behind it was, but in this era of All TV Everything, having a bevy of new characters helping us explore the human psyche or just make us crack up is always welcome. 

While we start dissecting the Best of 2018 (So Far), let's take a look at the new characters that have moved us this year, featuring everything from wealthy assholes and hilarious assassins to your favorite rapper playing...himself(?) and that one barber who will give you a dope cut, if you feel like waiting for it. Here's a look at the Best New TV Characters of 2018 (so far).