I’m not sure how you spend your Thursday nights, but presumably it’s not plopped down in front of the Tonight Show. At any rate, Tina Fey was on the latest episode and had plenty to reflect upon after revisiting a letter she previously penned to her future self.

As host Jimmy Fallon explained in the video up top, Fey—during her previous Tonight Show appearance in April—wrote a letter to the Tina Fey of May 2018. Naturally, the Tina Fey of May 2018 then decided to read it aloud to the fine people of Earth. "Dear future self, as I am writing this, I am a nerd with no friends but I am hopeful that by the time I grow up and be you, I'll have figured out a way to make people like me, especially my husband and children," Fey's letter reads. "So many questions I want to ask you about the future. I wonder who is president now. Believe in your dreams, especially the one where you're back in your old middle school and the gym teacher is chasing you in slow motion because I'm starting to think that did happen to us."

SNLan all-robot Jersey Shore update, and a Mitt Romney x prom pun were also mentioned in the letter. A hamburger, amazingly, is also involved. See for yourself up top.

Fey, who was joined on Thursday's Tonight Show by the incomparable Courtney Barnett, also share the previously unreleased punk-esque track Fallon made for Mean Girls and discussed that time Alicia Keys gifted her with quite the save at a Variety-hosted luncheon: