Legendary Roots Crew drummer Questlove used his talented hands on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to remix the Yanny or Laurel meme into a drum- and scratch-heavy version that provides a far more danceable quality to the original a cappella file.

The meme, which recently hit the web to shock and awe as to how one single audio file could be heard vastly and distinctly differently depending on the person, has officially hit it big. Once a meme is being comically deconstructed on a late night talk show and turned into an actual song (with a fairly dope beat), it’s safe to say most people with an internet connection have experienced this thing for themselves by now. 

Now, to the more important stuff: the voice is obviously, undoubtedly saying “Yanny” and there will be no further questions on the matter. Regardless of the online consensus, Yanni agrees with me here—and I couldn't really ask for more in this crazy world.