Spoiler alert. Spoiler alert. Spoiler alert.

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos snaps his Infinity Gauntlet–covered fingers to complete his objective in killing half of the universe's population. But viewers only got to see a handful of people during the epically, tragic moment.

For example, in the O.G. Avengers, Tony Stark (Iron Man), Steve Rogers (Captain America), Natasha Romanova (Black Widow), Bruce Banner (The Hulk), and Thor are still intact but Clint Barton (Hawkeye) is nowhere to be found during the entire film. Other characters like Aunt May, Nakia, and Jane Foster don't appear in the film at all either while Shuri, who is in Infinity War, isn't confirmed to be dead or alive at the end of the movie. Therefore it's impossible to know who made it, until now...sort of.

Avengers: Infinity War's directors Anthony and Joe Russo broke down who lived and survived Thanos' wrath to HuffPost. Howard the Duck, who appears in Guardians of the Galaxy, is safe. Aunt May is safe too. Although this may be even worse since now she's lost Uncle Ben and Peter. (We're still crying about Spider-Man too.) Matt Damon's cameo in Thor: Ragnarok, who portrayed Loki in a play, is dead. So is Incredible Hulk's Betty Ross, and Thor's Lady Sif. But, of course, the Russo brothers couldn't give it all away. Some characters they refused to reveal the status of due to the possibility of spoiling Avengers 4. This includes Jane Foster, Korg and Miek, and Shuri. (Hopefully, this means bigger things for them in the future!) As for Nakia, the Russo brothers said she wasn't in Infinity War because she's "deep undercover" and "on missions." But they didn't clarify whether or not she survived the snap.

Well, there you have it. That's some closure, hopefully.