The upcoming Robin Hood film finally got the teaser treatment and it looks like it's going to be very different from some of the zillion adaptations we've seen in the past. The film is a gritty take on the origin story of the medieval vigilante who "steals from the rich and gives to the poor," making the man behind the hood so much more than that.

In this version, Robin Hood's out to start a revolution against the corrupt English monarchy after finding his beloved Sherwood Forest overrun with evil since getting back from the Crusades. Like any good anti-hero, Robin's goal is to make things right in his own way. In the teaser, the film looks much more action flick than English folklore epic, complete with explosions, amazing fight scenes and of course, and plenty of expert archery to go around.


The titular character is played by The Kingsman star Taron Egerton, who stars alongside Jamie Foxx, 50 Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan, and more. According to Coming Soon, one of the film's producers is Leonardo DiCaprio, himself no stranger to blockbuster films set in the days of yore. If there's one thing Hollywood loves, it's pulling inspiration from this story time and time again. This will be the first big-screen undertaking of the story since the 2010 Ridley Scott–directed version starring Russell Crowe that most would agree was pretty forgettable.

Watch the teaser trailer above. Robin Hood hits theaters on Nov. 21.