When tasked with bringing beloved comic book characters to the big screen, filmmakers not only have to think about the comic book fans, but the character's creators as well. Luckily for the Deadpool team, they got major love from the Merc with a Mouth's co-creator, Rob Liefield.

“I cried at the end of Deadpool 2,” tweeted Liefield who co-created Deadpool and Domino with Fabian Nicieza, and Cable with Louise Simonson. "Part was the nostalgia of the particular track blasting but mostly the emotion that they had landed the plane in such spectacular fashion. The plane is the movie in this analogy, there is no important plane landing sequence I’m referencing."

But Liefield didn't want anyone to be confused about his tears of joy at the movie theater.

"I wiped those tears away as fast as I could before the lights came up because I couldn’t have everyone going 'Why is Liefeld crying over Deadpool 2?' Movie is a blast. Dream come true. Spectacular hurdle cleared. Get ready for Cable, Domino and the rest!"

Liefield, who's still gleaming about the film on Twitter, tweeted love for Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin, who plays Cable as well. It also seems we'll be hearing more specific thoughts from him when the films is officially released in theaters.

Luckily for Liefield (and us), the crew will be returning for an X-Force film as well. (That is, if that Disney keeps it on the table if the merger with Fox happens later this year.)


Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters on May 18.