Tonight marks the premiere of Tracy Morgan's new TBS comedy The Last O.G., stacked with a supporting cast that includes Tiffany Haddish and Cedric the Entertainer. Ahead of the kickoff of the show's 10-episode inaugural season, Morgan graced Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show with his presence to discuss the definition of a true O.G. and jokingly accuse Black Panther of ripping him off.

"It was alright but they stole that idea from me because I wrote the movie," Morgan said after telling Fallon that he had recently hit the theater to catch Ryan Coogler's megahit. "They stole that idea from me. I wrote the Black Bobcat, man. The Black Bobcat. They stole the idea, and I want my money, Black Panther!"

Black Bobcat has a number of enviable skills, including one that apparently comes in handy when enjoying bouts of pornography. "Oh, he loves to pounce, drinks a hell of a lot of milk, he can hear really good, and he sleeps 20 hours a day," Morgan explained. "What else do you need to do? He can hear things on porno that you can't hear."

Naturally, Black Bobcat also boasts a theme song from the Roots. Catch Morgan discussing Lorne Michaels' O.G. status, the importance of tater tots, and all things Bobcat in the video up top.

The Last O.G. was created by Jordan Peele and John Carcieri, both of whom worked on the script for the Jorma Taccone-directed first episode. See it tonight on TBS.