In a new interview with Power 105.1 FM's Breakfast Club, John Legend sat down after an exhausting weekend to discuss Jesus Christ Superstar, Kanye, and most importantly #WhoBitBey. After talking a bit about his NBC musical performance that aired on Sunday night, Legend got into a conversation about Kanye’s recent residency in Wyoming.

Charlamagne asks Legend if he’s made it up north to work with his longtime collaborator. “I haven’t been out there yet. I’m gonna get out there as soon as I can. I’ve been so focused on the show,” Legend says. 

They then get on the topic of non-disclosure agreements. Charlamagne quickly pops the question: “Do you know who bit Beyoncé?”

Of course he does. “We weren’t there, but we know people that were there. We know what happened,” Legend says, referring to none other than his wife Chrissy Teigen, who has been tweeting about the incident since Tiffany Haddish spilled the tea in her interview with GQ.

“Chrissy knew before I knew, and she told me. We’re sworn to secrecy,”  Legend explains. He goes on to say that Chrissy told him in person rather than via text, for security purposes. “She told me in person. She didn’t want any electronic record.”

And that’s that. Any hackers trying to get the info from Chrissy’s cell—it’s not gonna happen.

Reports have allegedly confirmed that it was actress Sanaa Lathan, who has been a biting suspect from the beginning. But really, this news might be dragging on. Bey and Haddish are both over it, so it’s probably time for us to live with the fact that we’ll never know the full story. Perhaps Bey and Jay will allude to it on their alleged forthcoming joint album.