As I hope to satan you've heard by now, Kanye West has assembled an unfuckwithable team of art heroes in Wyoming. Though no one really knows very much for sure, including what exactly is going on in Jackson town, the reliable (in Kardashian-adjacent news, at least) folks over at E! News have alleged that West intends to release something "very soon."

Kid Cudi, Pi'erre Bourne, Mike Dean, Travis Scott, and Nas are among the potential collaborators who have already been linked with whatever is going down in Jackson. As you may remember, similar reports surfaced alleging that West was "holed up" at the top of a mountain working on a Life of Pablo follow-up. Are the latest sessions merely a continuation of that work, or has West called a meeting of leading creatives to put in some fourth-quarter additions to Scott's AstroWorld?

We have nothing definitive on that, but we can now add another potential name to the ever-growing Wyoming roster: noted Twitch icon Drake.

An impressively eagle-eyed scourer of Instagram noticed Thursday that Drake's photographer Theo Skudra, whose most recent Instagram post is with the 6 god himself, had posted a very Wyoming-y photo on his Story:

That's reason enough for excitement, but there's more: People who tuned into the bulk of Drake's Fortnite session Wednesday night said that he mentioned something about needing to pack for an impending trip.

In addition to clearly being fucking awesome as hell, the possible inclusion of Drake in these sessions could also mean that he and Cudi are working together. That's of note for several reasons, including the fact that listeners were convinced Drake dissed him on last year's More Life cut "Free Smoke." Cudi and Drake also exchanged words the previous year, with Cudi telling Drake "say it to my face, pussy" after Drake seemingly made light of mental health on "Two Birds, One Stone."

So what, exactly, is going on in Wyoming? No idea, but at least we now know the story behind TheBoyDuddus.