Finn, a cute doggo, was photographed in the back of a cop car after getting picked up by the police over the weekend, as pointed out by Mashable. The poor pup apparently had a run-in with law enforcement after attacking a deer and running away from home. His owner Emme Thompson spoke out about Finn’s character saying he’s normally “a good boy,” but just hates deer. And to be fair, who doesn’t?

I’m not sure if Finn feels guilty about the whole ordeal, but his remorseless face in the back of that cop car really says it all.

Of course, people on the internet had a laugh at Finn’s expense. The photo of him in the backseat spawned a handful of very appropriate memes. One reads, “So you not gon’ bail me out?” Finn is apparently out of jail, but him and his family are waiting to see what charges he faces for the deer attack.

The meme also inspired people to post about other dogs who were... bad to the bone. Hopefully, this experience is an awakening for Finn, so he can shed his life of crime (and deer chasing), and find himself on the right track moving forward. #FreeFinn

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