Adam Sandler and Chris Rock stopped by The Tonight Show to chop it up with Jimmy Fallon about their new movie The Week Of, which debuts Friday on Netflix. In the film, the two legendary comedians play dads who bond in the time leading up to the wedding of their respective kids. “I don’t wanna hear you didn’t see it. It’s on Netflix!” Rock exclaimed. 

Aside from the film, Fallon took a moment to talk about Rock’s incredibly embarrassing attempt to holler at Rihanna, which he touches on in his latest Netflix special Tamborine. Rock explained to Fallon that his attempts to woo the singer “did not register at all."

"Rihanna is so fine if she didn't sing her life would be exactly the same," Rock joked. "She'd have clothing lines, people would be asking for autographs."

"I thought, 'Hey, I'm single now. Let me give it a go,'" Rock recalled. Rihanna was unfazed. "She didn't even register me as a sexual being. She was saying 'Where's Ray J?' I was, like, in the uncle zone."

Fallon also asked Sandler about a special celebrity connection: his relationship with Justin Bieber. “I know the Biebs,” Sandler admitted. “I met him several times. Very nice kid. Very nice to my family.”

The comedian goes on to talk about Facetiming with Bieber during a trip to Hawaii where he unknowingly excites a pool full of kids. “The Biebs causes a reaction,” Sandler said. Sandler also revealed he has his own stand-up special coming to Netflix sometime in the near future. Watch that clip below.

The Week Of hits Netflix on Friday, April 27.