The red carpet is a place where Hollywood generations cross paths. Many stars have the chance to meet their idols.

Girls Trip actress Tiffany Haddish—whose dress this year honored her Eritrean heritage—already had plans to meet Meryl Streep, according to People. On the red carpet, she told Ryan Seacrest, “I’m looking forward to meeting Streep and asking her to be my mama.”

Unlike other female celebrities, Haddish didn't participate in the possible boycott against being interviewed by Seacrest, following Me Too founder Tarana Burke's comments suggesting the television personality stay home.

Following her statement with Seacrest, Haddish spotted Streep herself. Her excitement couldn't be contained, either. Haddish hopped over a velvet rope to cut the line and curtsey right in front of Steep. The two actress made a quick exchange and hugged each other, before Haddish stepped on the other side.

And let's be honest here: which one of us wouldn't pull a similar stunt if we had the chance to meet Streep in person, on the red carpet no less?

Haddish also added that she was looking forward to having drinks with Whoopi Goldberg. I hope there is more than drinks to be consumed during that encounter.

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