Someone who takes reality television way too seriously is apparently helping steer Minnesota's governmental ship. For his latest act of political prowess, Rep. Drew Christensen—a Republican—is vowing to ban that guy from The Bachelor from hanging out in the state.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. was born in the Netherlands and lives in Wisconsin. Heads up.

After his promise earlier this week to draft up a bill banning Luyendyk if a tweet landed a thousand retweets, Christensen has teased the completed bill. "I'm a man of my word," Christensen said Wednesday. 

"I'm really not a Bachelor watcher normally," Christensen claimed in an interview with the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "But both my wife and I decided to tune in because of the local connection." Minnesota's own Rebecca Kufrin was initially proposed to on the most recent season of Bachelor, before later being dumped in favor of runner-up Lauren Burnham.

Christensen has admitted he doesn’t think the bill will pass. "I don't think it would actually be constitutional for that to happen," he clarified when asked if anyone has ever been banned from Minnesota. All of this is very corny, especially considering that it's highly unlikely Arie Luyendyk Jr.—who's also, apparently, a driver of race cars—was planning on visiting Minnesota anytime soon.

"I know you're a race car driver, but slow the hell down already," Jimmy Kimmel wisely advised him during a surely painful interview earlier this week: