The release of the highly anticipated movie A Wrinkle in Time is just a few days away, and lots of people are excited to see the Ava DuVernay-directed adaptation. Among those most excited? Questlove.

The drummer/memoirist/producer/late night TV foil/awesome walk-on music chooser tweeted early Tuesday morning that he is starting a drive to raise money to buy children tickets to the film.

"im startin the #WRINKLEchallenge—because it's IMPORTANT that children see this film," he wrote. "[I]f you are able to donate...,please rise to the occasion."

To raise the money, Questlove linked to the existing fundraising effort started by AMC Theaters and the organization Color of Change, called "Give a Child the Universe." If you want to donate, click here.

"Money raised by Give a Child the Universe will go to a passionate network of local partners, schools and community-based organizations, allowing children to enjoy this highly anticipated title regardless of economic challenges," according to a press release.

Questlove's efforts were noticed by DuVernay herself. "What a glorious person you are," she wrote.