For a while now, Lindsay Lohan has been entangled in a lawsuit against Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive, as Lohan claimed that a game character named Lacey Jonas, bore a striking resemblance to her. However, after four years, it appears that the actress has lost her court battle after a New York court rejected her appeal.

Here’s the thing, Jonas does kind of look like Lohan inasmuch that she’s a well-endowed strawberry blonde. Kokato even pointed out that a still from the game is particularly reminiscent of a photo of Lindsay, where both character and human are flashing a peace sign in a bikini. As per the original complaint, “The Plaintiff has been using the peace sign hand gesture for years before and after its use in the video game.” One might argue that every female celebrity has probably flashed a peace sign to camera at one point in her career, but who am I to tell Lohan she doesn’t own the world-renowned gesture? To be fair, the character in the game does claim to be a famous actress in high school movies, as well as a singer.

Anyway, Lohan didn’t give the game's publisher permission to use her likeness, so she sued them for invasion of privacy. Her suit was deemed to be without merit by a five-judge panel in 2016. Yesterday, the New York Court of Appeals similarly tossed out the actress’s appeal. The court called the character “generic. . . twenty-something woman without any particular identifying physical characteristics.” Sheesh, who’s the mean girl now?