No matter what Kim Kardashian does, people across social media will have something to say about it, especially if it's to call her out. Recently, Kim expressed how bored she was of platinum blonde locks and dyed her hair pink shortly after. But people weren't buying the Pepto-inspired shade change, accusing Kim of rocking a wig instead.

Everyone knows just how damaging bleach can be, and Kim and her sisters have all worn wigs in the past, with her youngest sibling Kylie even weirdly claiming she "started" the trend. Kim's been open about wearing wigs before, but she felt compelled to let everyone know they were wrong as hell about the top of her head this time.

After her alleged dye job, Kim posted a quick selfie with her new 'do earlier this week and as expected, hilarity ensued.

People thought she was rocking a wig almost immediately.

Eventually, Kim hopped on Snapchat and responded to the claims that she was faking the bubblegum hue. "If I see one more person say I'm wearing a wig and think that I'm lying...I don't get it," she says in the video, even tugging at her roots to make her point. "Why would I lie about wearing a wig?" 


don’t mess with the wrong one bitch

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"I dyed my hair, guys," she says in the second half of the video, "Fuck outta here with that wig shit." 

Of course, not to be outdone, Twitter users shared their own thoughts about Kim's snap, with some even took her to task again because why not?

It looks like Kim is sticking to her no-wig story for now, but it will likely be a whole different color before we know it.