We know Drake, Ninja, and Travis Scott are fans of Fortnite, but they only join a growing fanbase who have been going ham on this game for months. In January, Epic Games announced that 45 million people have played the Battle Royale version game, so far. In early February, 3.4 million people were playing the game concurrently, causing major problems to Epic’s servers. To put that in perspective, Battlegrounds, aka the dominant battle royale game before Fortnite, hit three million concurrent players in January. That number was four times the 750,000 player count that Dota 2 achieved back in December of 2017. This means that Fortnite Battle Royale eclipsed the number one and number two games on gaming platform Steam. It’s also sitting at the top of the most-played games list on Microsoft Xbox One and is the most popular game on Twitch.

CNBC recently reported that Google searches for the term “Fortnite” have eclipsed searches for Minecraft and Bitcoin over the last few weeks, so if you haven’t gotten on the Fortnite train yet, you will be soon.