Conan O'Brien recently had action star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on his show to promote his new movie Rampage, but the late-night host also had his own ideas for the big screen.

In a hilarious sketch, O'Brien pitches him for a role of Johnson's co-star and later, his stunt double. Can't picture it? Neither could The Rock. After O'Brien insists that they are both "big guys," Johnson isn't convinced. "'re a big guy. You're tall," he said flatly. "I see a physique I don't know if I see my physique." 

Ever persistent, O'Brien is convinced he can sway the wrester-turned-Hollywood star to see things his way.

"I think if you and I made a movie together we could kill it," he says before whipping out a selection of mock movie posters featuring the pair, including a would-be biopic about Simon & Garfunkel. Considering Johnson's penchant for buddy movies that let both his action and comedy sides shine, the pairing makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

O'Brien switches it up and offers to be a body double for Johnson instead, doing all of the dangerous stunts for his next action movie. "I just want to try few things to show you I can do it," O'Brien says, now donning a bald cap and ready to stand in for the star.  The two go on to film a few "seamless" stunt double edits.

Fresh off the huge box office success of Jumanji, and another sequel in the works,  it looks like The Rock doesn't plan on slowing down in 2018. Rampage hits theaters on April 11.