Chrissy Teigen is denying a claim that she and her husband John Legend were kicked out of a New York City rental apartment. The report surfaced through the New York Daily News on Friday, which alleged that, “the property was an illegal short-term rental.”

According to the Daily News, bystanders witnessed the couple “abruptly packing their belongings and vacating the premises” after local authorities visited the apartment on Friday.

That day, Teigen took to Twitter to refute the report. She quoted a tweet by the Daily News, which linked to the story and wrote, “These are three separate photos at different times and we have no idea what you’re talking about but ok whatever helps your slow news day […] help me it’s so cold out on this stoop.”

When the paper took the tweet down—though they left the story up on their website—Teigen tweeted, “@nydailynews thank you for taking down! I will admit I do look *very* shady.”

Per the Daily News, a spokeswoman for Airbnb said that the building’s owner had previously rented his property through the company, but the famous couple didn’t go through Airbnb. Another subletter from the building told the Daily News that the authorities “were inquiring about an illegal Airbnb​.”

Apparently the apartment is often rented out to celebrities. A worker in a neighboring dry cleaner shared that, “Weeks ago, it was P. Diddy staying there,” He said adding, “Before that there was some super model the paparazzi were snapping at. There are celebrities in and out of there all the time.”

In January, Teigen posted a photo of her and Legend walking out of the apartment on the night of the Grammys, and a photo of herself and daughter Luna sitting on the building’s stoop.