Since Kylie Jenner debuted her daughter’s name—Stormi, for those of you without the Internet/living under a rock—we’re sure to expect a number of weather-inspired children in the coming months, maybe even years, if Kris Jenner has anything to do with it. (Rain is kind of cute TBH). Anyway, if you’re not much of a Kardashian fan, there are still plenty of other celebrities and Hollywood institutions to look to for inspiration.

As it happens, Disney movies have proven to be quite the influential force in what Americans name their kids. Peter Pan popularized the name Wendy, and you might be able to blame Little Mermaid for all your friends named Ariel. According to, you can see a surge in the number of babies named after film characters after the movie in play was released. For example, in 1994, the year The Lion King was released, only 24 babies were named Nala. By 2016, a whopping 361 baby girls were named after the lioness. (P.S. I’m sure the wildly popular Broadway rendition of the film certainly played a part here.)

Anyway, it looks like Ariel remains the sitting queen of characters to influence baby names. Kind of whack when you consider the woman wanted to give up her voice to be with her man, but what do I know.

If Disney’s not your thing, you can always look to hip-hop for a little inspiration. Last year, reported there was a surge of babies named Chance and Kendrick, after Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar, respectively.