Fans of the 90's show Martin might get to hear "Damn, Gina!" all over again, after TMZ spotted comedian Martin Lawrence with actresses Tisha Campbell-Martin and Tichina Arnold, dropping hints at a possible reunion.

The three former stars of the iconic sitcom were seen leaving a Burbank Steakhouse all smiles. When asked directly about the possibility of bringing the show back, Lawrence replied, "Never say never."  Since going off the air in 1997 after a well-publicized fallout between Campbell and Lawrence, a reboot seemed nearly impossible. Campbell accused Lawrence of sexual harassment before production started on the show's final season, agreeing to return only under the condition that the two actors never shoot scenes together. The pair seems to have reconciled, and the lunch date is fueling rumors of a comeback.

Despite Lawrence telling Page Six that there would "be no reunion" back in 2017, it might be the perfect time to revisit everything 90's, especially with the recent success of Jumanji: Welcome To The Junglea remake of the 1995 film starring the late Robin Williams.

The trio responded to questions about what an updated version of Martin would look like since plenty has changed in the 20 years since it's been off the air. "I don't think we have to do it the same way," Lawrence said. "We just have to be funny, and be entertaining and give people heartfelt stories." Arnold added that they "wanted to be current," and not trying to relive the original. When she tried to continue talking about this hypothetical reunion, Campbell stepped in adding, "We can't tell y'all shit!"

That reaction might mean there is something going on that has to be kept under wraps. For now.

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