As excited as most people are to see Black Panther this weekend, the film's stars are just as hyped about the film's release. Actress Lupita Nyong'o posted a candid clip of her and co-star Letitia Wright kick a Black Panther–themed freestyle over a beat in the back of a car. Re-release the soundtrack with this on it, or nah?

"I feel some bars coming!" Lupita says before diving into the short, quick verse written by actual rapper Robyn Hood. "The Black Panther lives... and so does Troublemaker," the actress captioned the post, seemingly taking on the title as her rap moniker. "Also introducing, MC Underbite (@LetitiaWright), best freestyler in Wakanda." We're sure neither actress is trying to make the jump to music for real, but it was a fun look into what working with each other on the film must have been like.

"Back on the scene," Lupita rapped. "Marvel baby, stay in the green." Wright then pops into the frame to add her own spin on the beat."In my zone, T'Challa came and he flexed on his own!" 

It's likely the pair were headed to or coming from one of last night's worldwide screenings, and with the film on track to do over $165 million during its opening weekend, that's plenty of reason to break out into song.