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Kobe Bryant pretty much confirmed that he'll be appearing as a guest star on How to Get Away With Murder. In a TMZ video taken at UCLA on Saturday, where the retired legend was there for the Annie Awards, Bryant was asked how his meeting went with the show. He responded, "Viola [Davis] is incredible. The writers are incredible."

This may not seem like much, but it was much more than what HTGAWM star Viola Davis said when she was asked. She laughed and said, "You know what? We'll see if he ends up in the bottom of a well somewhere." It's also hard to imagine that Bryant would meet up with HTGAWM's star and its writers if something wasn't up.

It would not be surprising if Bryant tried to create a full second career in Hollywood: He's nominated for an Oscar for his animated short Dear Basketball, which he narrated. Byrant's Dear Basketball is based on the poem for The Players' Tribune that he wrote to announce his retirement