Chrissy Teigen made a funny, but her friends aren't amused.

Monday is President's Day, so you know what that means: it's the last weekday before a long, well-deserved weekend.

It also means there is an easy the Weeknd pun to be made. This particular model and social media socialite knew the opportunity shouldn't be missed.

Preceded by some form of "are you ready" text message, Teigen sends a horizontally stretched-out photo of the Weeknd followed by another text variation of "a long weekend."

You got it, right?

The image originates from a tweet user Dan Mentos shared two years ago.

Since Teigen's likely unamused and unimpressed friends haven't responded to her witty commentary, we cannot confirm for sure whether they understood the joke. 

Despite her frustration, Teigen's followers were quick to assure her they had her back. Her extremely hilarious back.