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Tonight was yet another major feat for Sterling K. Brown, who took home the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Sunday night. What made the win so unique is that the This Is Us star made history for becoming the first black actor to win in the category.

"People call us weird and strange; the truth of the matter is everybody’s weird and strange, and we just embrace ourselves for who we are," Brown said in his acceptance speech. "I love actors so much, I decided to marry one. Ryan Michelle Bathe, you’re the best scene partner a brother has ever had. To my glorious cast of This Is Us, you feed me day in day out. You raise the bar."

"To my white family, which thankfully is nothing like the family from Get Out, I love you. To my TV wife Susan Kelechi Watson, let’s keep on repping for the people. To the two young actors that play Randall, to Lonnie (Chavis) and Niles (Fitch), thank you for making the work so easy and so seamless."

He added, "Fame won’t sustain you, money won’t sustain you. The love—keep that love alive; it will keep you going.”

Sterling K. Brown makes history by becoming the first African American male to receive the Actor® in this category! #sagawards

— SAG Awards® (@SAGawards) January 22, 2018

Sterling K. Brown: “everybody is weird and strange, [actors] just embrace ourselves for who we are.” #SAGAwards

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) January 22, 2018

The SAG Awards moment marks the second historical win for Brown, where just a few weeks ago he became the first black man to ever win the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series – Drama.

While Brown's recent wins are well-deserved (and more to come), it's quite a letdown when talented black celebrity figures are still making "record-breaking" headlines. It's 2018; this history should have been the norm a long time ago.