“Gucci Gang” rapper and now-free agent Lil Pump got a shoutout from Saturday Night Live on its latest episode. Pete Davidson and host Sam Rockwell spoofed the Miami-bred rhymer in a sketch that flipped the hit single “Gucci Gang” into a homage to Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actor Stanley Tucci.

“32 years in the biz/I’m a big fan of his/I got mad respect for his range/He should’ve been Dr. Strange/The Devil Wears Prada was sick,” Davidson rapped.

The pair also pulled out several over-the-top, big-budget video tropes. Davidson—complete with pink dreads and faux face tattoos—pulled up in a Lamborghini, while Rockwell rode a CGI tiger.

Neither Lil Pump nor Tucci had publicly responded to the sketch by press time. The memes and Twitter commentary came swiftly, though. Elizabeth Banks, who starred alongside Tucci in the Hunger Games, is a fan.

I don’t know what #TucciGang is yet but I’m 100% certain it’s my new favorite thing @nbcsnl

— Elizabeth Banks (@ElizabethBanks) January 14, 2018


— Queen OfThe Food Age (@Sydney_Inc) January 14, 2018

RT if you're a part of the Tucci Gang #SNL pic.twitter.com/vG8Gv7wp50

— Mehek Seyid (@whatthemehek) January 14, 2018

I rep hard for the #TucciGang #SNL pic.twitter.com/x2njENCpwv

— Kamilah (@Kam_i_Lah) January 14, 2018

It’s a bit of fortuitous timing for Pump, who had his Warner contract voided last week because he signed the deal when he was underage while the contract was never certified in court. Labels have been reportedly courting him with seven-figure deals.