Rose McGowan hasn't been shy in voicing her distaste for the Golden Globes silent protest movement, and she doesn't seem to be letting it go any time soon. In what began as a discussion on Twitter about her upcoming docuseries Citizen Rose coming to television, McGowan soon turned to aiming blows at what she called the "Hollywood fakery" of the protest.

McGowan shared an exchange with fellow actress and Weinstein accuser, Asia Argento, in which she boldly stated that had it not been for her breaking her silence, no one else would have joined the movement. Her aversion to the "Hollywood fakery" aside, the Golden Globes silent protest did provide a pretty big platform for nominees and attendees to make a statement and utilize their press time to push the conversation of sexual assault in the film industry. 

Citizen Rose is coming to E! later this month, and it will chronicle the actress' activism as well as the publishing process of her upcoming book Brave.