TMZ is reporting that former Jackass star Bam Margera has landed himself a DUI. Reportedly, Bam drove past California Highway Patrol officers while they were in the middle of a stop, and when Bam slowed down to pass them, they caught a strong smell of alcohol. Officers stopped Bam to give him a field sobriety test, booking him for driving under the influence.

Bam has been struggling with alcoholism for years, but this is the first time he's ever received a DUI. TMZ took a moment to speak with Bam's mother April Margera, who said Bam has been doing better regarding alcohol abuse in the last eight months. He had been seeing a therapist and recently went to rehab, but things took a turn for the worse this last weekend when he was in L.A. to shoot a TV show. April and Element Skateboards CEO Johnny Schillereff are currently looking for a treatment facility in California or Arizona for Bam to attend.

April explained that Bam's been struggling recently because of the pressure he feels when his family says he's sober. She says he's been battling mental health and addiction issues every day, and that he's angry at himself for the DUI. Page Six spoke with Bam's brother Jess, who told them, "He's with a friend out there and we're trying to see if he wants to go to rehab or anything. We're trying to help him from across the country."

Following the death of his close friend and Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn, Bam fell into a dark spiral. Viceland's Epicly Later'd chronicled his difficulties with his return to skateboarding, and Munchies recently spoke with him about his battle with bulimia and alcoholism. Bam's bail was set at $15,000, although he has since been released.

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