If you want to understand why certain people might not rock with your sense of humor or views, you probably should take a stroll in their Toms. During last night's Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live , co-host Michael Che did just that...going undercover as a liberal white woman named Gretchen.

Instead of going full-on White Chicks, Che decided to just throw on a number of scarves, a blond wig, and a crocheted hat. He brunched, he dropped pure poetry ("Yo, your masculinity is mad toxic right now, my nigga"), and read Lena Dunham, all the while turning up at brunch with a squad of white women and finding the joys of having your parents randomly sending you money in the mail. It was hilarious, and instantly calls back to Eddie Murphy's "White Like Me" sketch from years ago, although Murphy decided to don complete whiteface.

One has to imagine that, no matter how many mimosas Che is downing with his crew, he's going to do him before totally toning down his stand-up and Weekend Update jokes. The fact that he acknowledged the divide, and took the time to drop a whole sketch about it? Priceless, and quite frankly, more of what we'd like to see SNL do in the near future. That's word to Lululemon.