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Eddie Murphy will return to Saturday Night Live this weekend to participate in the show's 40th anniversary special, which will reunite the many generations of SNL cast members past and present. As for Murphy, this will be his first SNL visit since 1984, when he left the show on tumultuous terms, never to return. Until now.

In his four-season run on SNL, Eddie Murphy gave us much to remember fondly via recurring characters like Mr. Robinson (a black, urban spin on Mr. Rogers) and the multi-talented Tyrone Green. Murphy's most famous sketch, "White Like Me," is a one-off, however, and it's also one of his last. In the sketch, Murphy elaborately disguises himself as a white salaryman to discover the many benefits that white people confer upon another when no folks of color are looking.

While Murphy would go on to star in Hollywood blockbusters, black cinema classics, and his own critically-acclaimed stand-up specials, his brilliance started with Saturday Night LiveMany of Murphy's best SNL sketches have formidably withstood the passage of three decades and the election of America's first black president. As he prepares to take his victory lap at 30 Rock on Saturday, let us bless you with 10 Eddie Murphy Sketches That Predicted Life and Race Relations in 2015.

Written by Justin Charity (@brothernumpsa) and Angel Diaz (@ADiaz456).