Since Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long history of sexual assault was first reported by The New York Times, dozens of women (and men) have felt empowered to come forward and expose sexual harassment and assault they’ve suffered at the hands of powerful men in comedy, film, sports and politics. While the outpouring of horrifying stories about these well-known predators hasn’t slowed down, some of the women who have dared to tell their stories are shedding some light about the aftermath of coming forward.

The Cut published a 27-minute video discussion in which Rose McGowan sits down with accusers that have spoken up against Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, Louis C.K., and other high profile figures, Deadline reports. While they all relate to one another’s stories, fears, and experiences, reactions from outsiders haven’t been so kind.

Rebecca Correy, who claims people in the comedy world 100% knew about Louis C.K.’s transgressions before her story was published in the New York Times, says she was once asked what she’s “getting” in exchange for outing the comedian. “I’m getting death threats and I’m getting ripped apart,” she replied. “I’m getting all this free hate every single day, by telling the truth that he’s actually admitted to.”

Jessica Leeds, who said Donald Trump touched her inappropriately on a flight in the 1970s, said the pressure of having her story denied by not only her accuser but the entire White House, was an added sting. “It’s tough being called a liar, because, how do you come back? [Say] ‘No, you’re lying’? It’s schoolyard bully business,” she describes. “It’s very difficult to stand up and say this is what happened and have like an administration saying I’m lying.”

Ultimately, the women agree that although the onslaught of public stories has done some good to eradicate sexual assault in Hollywood, there is still a long way to go. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” said Rachel Crooks, another Trump accuser who worked in one of his hotels. “We can’t expect to undo all the things in society men have controlled all at once."

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