Even though it’s clearly been Halloween SZN for a few weeks now, there are still surprises every single day. Take, for example, this expertly edited recut of Happy Gilmore, the cult classic Adam Sandler comedy, made to become Happy Killmore, a dark, twisted horror movie.

Whereas the original follows a dopey Happy Gilmore (Sandler) through his newly discovered knack for golf, the recut is a much more sinister take on Gilmore’s motivations. In the comedy, Sandler is trying to win enough money so his grandmother won’t lose her home; in the horror movie, though, Killmore is out for blood, fueled by anger at his competitors and bolstered by the late-stage capitalist nightmare of TV ratings and advertising dollars. Truly horrifying.

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The video was edited by Jacob Zulanch, Pedro Correa, and Joey Thompson, who has an entire YouTube channel devoted to pop culture-related comedy videos; it even includes an Uber-inspired re-imagining of Drive with Ryan Gosling.

The aforementioned editors' take on Happy Gilmore is actually kind of clever. In the real movie, Happy has some serious anger-management issues and often mentions macabre things, like his dead girlfriend, with relative ease. The only difference is that in the original movie, Happy is just a comedic character, and whatever bizarre thing he does or says is played out to be funny instead of scary. But it's definitely a movie that could, in theory, work as a basic horror movie concept. 

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