Halloween means different things for different people: for some, it’s a perfect excuse to get  obliterated at a party while others prefer to channel their creativity into crafting obscure culturally relevant costumes that they’ll have to spend the entire night explaining to people. There are those who choose to trick or treat and those who have already killed all the joy in their life and choose to forego the 31st of October altogether. But there are still the ones who remember the true spirit of Halloween and who seek to celebrate it the way Jason Voorhees would have wanted you to: by getting the shit scared right out of you.

Regardless of how you approach the holiday (and, yes, it is a holiday), though, one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween is to have a movie night. But finding a good Halloween movie isn’t necessarily as easy as simply picking a good horror movies to watch (but in case that’s what you’re looking for, we also have a list for those.) In the same way that there are many legitimate ways to celebrate Halloween, there is a wide variety of movies appropriate for Halloween season. The following is a list of these kinds of movies, curated while keeping in mind that some people are wimps and would never sit down to watch horror classic The Exorcist, but there are others who have seen The Exorcist and its many sequels and spin-offs that it might as well be a comedy. Hell, there are even still others that would prefer to watch a literal comedy rather than anything remotely scary or related to horror.

But there are also other great reasons why watching a movie around Halloween is a great idea: it’s usually the perfect temperature for cuddling under the covers; it is, after all, peak cuffing season, so you might actually have someone to cuddle with, and there are so many options to choose from that you can have a movie marathon every night. Here are the best movies out there.