On Oct. 15, Ivanka Trump released the follow-up playlist to her wildly unsuccessful 2015 set "Holiday Party" in Spotify. Her latest playlist is cryptically titled "991122," which led to speculation that this is in reference to the HTML color code, deep red, which evokes images of love, passion, etc. 

Considering "991122" dropped exactly one week before her and Jared Kushner celebrated their eight-year anniversary, the five-song playlist seems to suggest that these tracks will be the ones playing when these two get hot and heavy for their 21-minute straight missionary session. 

The first track, "All of Me" by John Legend, has been one of the most popular wedding songs for a while now, which begs the question, is this an actual sex song or foreplay song? If we're going with the latter, then that means the sex is actually more like 16 minutes and some change and hey, to each their own. 

The second song, "Ordinary People" by John Legend, screams basic, traditional and therefore, missionary. And look, we love Legend as much as the next person, but Ivanka does know that there was some really great R&B music made before 2004, right? 

The third song, "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars is an interesting choice, to say the least. Why does this choice feel like a slight against Jared? For what it's worth, "Versace On The Floor" seems like something more identifiable to them. 

We are just going to skip past "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt because that song had its moment and we're not trying to give that track a second life. Finally, we have "When We Were Young" by Adele, which is actually super depressing. It feels almost apologetic, like, Jared and Ivanka are reminiscing about a time when they were younger and could go at it for longer than 16 minutes.

Head over to Spotify to check out the playlist for yourself, though we really don't suggest it.