Jennifer Lawrence appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday night to promote her new film mother! In typical JLaw Cool Girl fashion, she also came prepared with a story about a bar fight in Budapest that sounds like one of the most riveting stories to ever have been told.

The premiere of mother! was the previous night, and in JLaw’s own words, she was “morbidly hungover.” In an attempt to help her out, Seth Meyers gave Lawrence a little hair of the dog with a nice glass of red wine. The boozy conversation reminded JLaw of something that happened while she was filming another movie, Red Sparrow, in Budapest. “I got in a bar fight!” she told Meyers. “I got in a real bar fight!”

“That seems like a dangerous place to get into a bar fight,” Meyers joked. “I mean… for him,” JLaw replied. As the story goes, it was beer night at a bar in Budapest, and Lawrence was drunk with some friends. A guy at the bar asked her for a selfie, which she politely declined—but he insisted. “He was like, ‘Please! My girlfriend will never believe me.’ My friend was like, ‘If your girlfriend won’t believe you then she’s not The One,’” Lawrence continued.

Lawrence and her friends told him to go away, prompting the guy to seal his fate with a parting “fuck you” to Lawrence.

“I don’t know. Something in me just snapped—but it couldn’t have been the alcohol,” the actress joked. “I was like, ‘Did you just say fuck you to me?! Did you just say fuck you to me?!’ I grabbed him, I took beers and I started dousing him, all over him.” She even poured beer all over a suitcase that he “weirdly” had at the bar. Lawrence’s beer rampage only stopped when her friend grabbed her from behind and wisely told her, "Don’t waste beer!" 

The story is pretty funny, and made all the better by Lawrence's lively re-telling of it—but that wasn't all she had to say on Late Night. She also told Seth Meyers about the mother! premiere, which her entire family came out to watch. The movie is a hard one to properly describe, but it has been billed under the horror genre. Apparently, Lawrence's dad wasn't nearly as spooked by the movie as he was at the sight of his own daughter's nipple outline throughout the film. You can hear her tell this equally hilarious story in the clip below.