Anyone trying to truly keep up with pop culture is no doubt subscribed to multiple streaming services. Hulu has different shit than Netflix and Amazon, and vice versa; when you add in services like HBO and other cable networks, a bulk of your income is going to these companies that beam dope (and, at times, shitty) television shows and movies right to wherever you live.

Sometimes, you get a service like Netflix, which will have contracts with a behemoth in the visual arts like Disney, so you can get mega movies from the likes of Marvel and the Star Wars series for $9.99. That is, until late 2019, which is when Disney says it will debut its direct-to-consumer streaming service and remove its Marvel and Star Wars movies from Netflix. Disney CEO Bob Iger told investors that they're "going to launch big, and we're going to launch hot" sometime in late 2019.

There's no current word on what this service will cost, but Iger said this is something they will "get more specific about" in coming months.

Sadly, this means that Netflix's attempts to keep the Marvel and Star Wars properties (which include recently-released films like Dr. Strange and Rogue One) on their service have failed. While this would ideally fit into Netflix's plans to spend even more big bucks on original content, it's a huge hit for consumers.

Mickey Mouse's house is making it very tempting to add another service to my monthly bills, mainly because Disney's going to not only have fire classic animated movies, but also the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars movies. But you have to wonder: will they be adding Disney Channel original movies? Will classic series like Bug Juice hit the service? Disney has a LOT of material, and for the right price, this could be a huge W for the lifelong Disney supporter.

Hold this L, Netflix.