The biggest question at the end of any comic book movie these days is whether or not there will be a post-credit or mid-credit scene. When it comes to the MCU, though, it’s more of a question of how many end credit scenes there are.

Over the course of the past eight years, Marvel Studios has released 15 inter-connected movies with a total of 26 post-credit and mid-credit scenes to date. More than just extra footage, these after credit scenes have become part of the MCU in-theatre experience and the only reason to stay in your seat until the very end of the movie, as there are often breadcrumbs that give insight into future films and further expand the MCU.

In March, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 upped the ante by including a whopping five end credit scenes that ranged from comic relief (teenaged Groot!) to fanboy catnip (Did she say Adam Warlock?!?!). With Spider-Man: Homecoming hitting theaters this weekend there’s no telling what gems—infinity or otherwise—Marvel has in store for us when the credits stop rolling. Well, actually there is.

We went back and analyzed every single post-credit and mid-credit scene in the MCU so far down to the millisecond to decipher patterns, like which characters are most likely to appear to how long on average moviegoers have to wait for a post-credit scene to start. Consider this your ultimate cheat sheet to MCU post-credit scenes and your best chance at knowing if you really have time to run to the restroom without missing out on the end-credits scenes.