Bella Thorne is a fucking weirdo. That’s not meant to be a slight or an insult. It’s en vogue for celebrities to be “just like us” with their everyday eccentricities; “weirdness” has begun to feel false. It often comes off like a facade, a ploy to get us to see their latest romcom space blockbuster, or to make us feel like we “get” them while they are singing with James Corden driving around the CBS lot. Thorne’s weirdness, on the other hand, seems like the real deal. Yeah, maybe that can be gathered from being one of her 15.7 million followers on Instagram watching the 19-year-old actress puttering around her day-to-day. But she’ll also readily admit to it in real life. “I’m the weirdest person ever,” Thorne says. “People meet me and they’re like, ‘Woah I’ve heard things about you—but you’re, like, really weird.” 
That’s not immediately apparent on this May afternoon in Los Angeles, however, as Thorne breezes into a photo studio with her assistant. Wearing a baggy blue sweater, ripped jeans, and a necklace with a silver key at her neck, she gives off major stoner babe vibes with her undone mermaid hair and un-made-up face, clutching a bag of Chik-fil-A. Everything is careless, minus a pair of seriously fierce snakeskin boots. 
She greets everyone hello and compliments me on my choker. Before sitting down to tear into her sandwich, Thorne pauses to contemplate the complicated politics of eating Chik-fil-A, who have dangerous viewpoints. “They have good chicken sandwiches,” she groans. “You motherfuckers—can’t you just be nice people?!” 
Thorne’s talking about the upsetting politics behind a seemingly innocent chicken sandwich, but her comments could just as well be targeted at the paparazzi who have been flocking and fictionalizing her every move in the last year or two. The Famous in Love star’s brazen antics and outrageous social media presence have transformed her into a tabloid darling—which isn’t always a good thing. As always, the truth is much more complicated, and Thorne seems to land squarely somewhere in the middle between what the tabloids have made her into and who she actually wants to be. 

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