Once again, Chrissy Teigen had a pitch-perfect response to a "finger lookin' head ass" on Twitter. After Donald Trump's "covfefe" dumbassery late Tuesday night, Teigen joked about praying each day that she was actually a sim being played by extraterrestrial beings:

We know the feeling, Teigen.

Though the burn was totally relatable and amusing, it wasn’t as severe or LOL-inducing as her previous Trump-related tweets. The 31-year-old later revealed she isn’t amused by all the Trump hashtags or memes; she actually finds them sad and depressing.

Teigen has never shied away from expressing her feelings on social media. She has become the unofficial queen of Twitter clapbacks, roasting everyone and everything from Piers Morgan to Forever 21 to random Twitter trolls. But some of her best work has taken aim at POTUS.

There was the time she blasted him for his claims about A-list celebrities wanting inauguration tickets:

Or the time she demanded Trump to pay for her Botox:

Or the time she wished him a happy birthday:

Teigen is a true American hero.