Last night, Freeform premiered Famous In Love, the new series starring Bella Thorne, who is shaping up to be the youngest boss in Hollywood. The series looks at Thorne's character Paige, and how she not only becomes a celebrity overnight, but how she deals with the multiple love interests that occupy her life.

As you can imagine, she's been doing all of the press, but she took the time out to visit Keeping Up With Kulture, dishing on everything from her love of horror movies (while she's in the next installment of the Amityville series, she recommends you wait for her upcoming film Keep Watching), and opened up about how one bad comment could fuck up your mood.

"It really is unfortunate that social media, and just this generation in general, is so used to...I could get 100 comments saying 'oh my God, I love you,' and I get one that just gets right under my skin." She kept it a buck, letting us know that "the bad ones stick with you," although she's a-OK with clapping back on fools on Twitter.

She also took some time out to explain her love and passion for the EDM/rave scene, as well as her rave-themed home. It's a dope episode with her opening up on a number of topics. Check out the full clip up above, and be sure to catch Famous In Love every Tuesday night (or via Freeform's website).