Beyoncé took over the news cycle and broke Selena Gomez’s record for the most liked Instagram post Feb. 1 when Bey announced she was pregnant with twins, courtesy of an artistic photo shoot. Saturday Night Live followed suit and briefly stopped the weekly skewering of Donald Trump with a comedic nod to Beyoncé and the two new additions to the Carter family’s pop culture dominance. Now SNL alum Tracy Morgan has returned to team with Kenan Thompson as the pair cracked jokes from Beyoncé’s womb.

Being unborn didn’t prevent the twins from getting all kinds of belligerent, as they named themselves Jade Rain and Lord Burberry. The sketch may have been centered on two children, but Morgan didn’t tone things down by referencing his infamous “get pregnant” bit.

“I’m gonna be the first person ever to get somebody pregnant while they’re inside somebody pregnant,” Morgan joked. “I’m old school. I don’t pull out.”

In between acknowledging Beyoncé’s vice-like grip on pop culture and the many memes she’s inspired, the SNL duo even got in a jab at Destiny’s Child.

“I just don’t wanna make my mama mad, man,” Thompson offered. “She’s had a hard enough time carrying us as it is.”

The statement turned out to be the perfect set up for Morgan to throw some shade at Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

“Oh, no she’s not,” Morgan replied. “I heard she carried two full-grown ladies for 10 years named Michelle and Kelly.”