After a three-judge federal appeals court panel refused to reinstate President Donald Trump’s immigration ban earlier this week, he immediately tweeted this:

So, how do you think it’d go down in court? SNL pitted Donald Trump against the federal judges that shot him down in the People’s Court. “First of all, Mr. Trump, you understand that this is a TV court, right?” said Cecily Strong, who played Judge Marilyn Milian. “That’s OK, I’m a TV president,” Baldwin replied as Trump.

From there, Trump tries to defend his case for a travel ban, which hilariously poked fun at how unconstitutional it is. When Trump decides to bring a character witness into the court, it’s none other than Russian president Vladimir Putin.

After Trump tries to settle the case, Judge Milian gives him some stern advice. “Let me just say: you’re doing too much, OK? I want one day without a CNN alert that scares the hell out of me.” Amen to that.