On a night when Donald Trump was expected to be the focus of Saturday Night Live’s wrath, it was once again Kellyanne Conway who walked away as the most glaring victim. The latest attack on Trump’s unhinged advisor came in the form of a hilarious Fatal Attraction parody, with Conway as the Glenn Close-style obsessive and Beck Bennett’s Jake Tapper as the object of her unreasonable obsession.

Once again, Kate McKinnon does Conway no favors, playing her like the unhinged madwoman that many of her opponents paint her to be.

“I just want to be part of the news, Jake,” she says, as she surprises Bennett’s Tapper at his home.

In real life, Tapper has been one of Conway’s staunchest opponents. When her credibility came into question following numerous false statements concerning a terrorist attack that never happened, it was Tapper who held her accountable on air, more so than many other journalists.

Conway’s ubiquity in cable news has since diminished, and according to SNL, it’s killing her. “But I miss the news. I want to get mic’d. I want to feel that hot, black mic pressed up against my skin,” she tells Tapper in the steamy pre-taped sketch.

It all ends in one final blaze of glory for Conway, who assures viewers after taking a plunge out of a window that she only has “three lives left.”

Watch above.