People are still getting engaged? Well, at least two people are, if the rumors are to be believed. Photos of a certain ring on a certain finger have revived rumors surrounding the engagement of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid:

Hadid was spotted rocking a mysterious ring by the usual sources of such information in New York City Monday, the New York Daily News reported. Though no official statements from any of the involved parties have been released, Hadid's possession of a gold ring has quickly evolved into full-blown engagement hysteria:

Damn. Others, however, are more concerned with conspiracy theories and/or general disinterest:

AMAZING work, internet. 

True scholars of such concerns will recall that, thanks to a report from the esteemed Life & Style magazine back in December, fans previously had to battle engagement rumors of a much different nature. Gigi Hadid reportedly turned down a proposal from Zayn Malik last year, citing age. "She's only 21 and doesn't feel ready to tie the knot, so she turned him down," a supposed "source" said at the time.

During his cover story chat with Complex last year, Zayn said he was still working to keep his personal and private lives as distinguishable as possible. "I try to keep the two very separate," he told Complex. "I try to, as much as I can. But there's only so much you can do." Indeed.