When you think of actors with arguably the most memorable lines in cinematic history, one name often rises above the rest: Samuel L. Jackson. Who else can claim word-loaded performances in such a wide variety of classics as Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction, A Time to Kill, and the incomparable Snakes on a Plane? Nobody! Everyone knows those movies. To prove it, Jimmy Kimmel gathered an assortment of storied senior citizens to test Jackson's memory of his own awesomeness.​

"I'd like to quiz you on your movie career," Kimmel told Jackson on Thursday night's show. "What we're gonna do is, we went to the farmers market and we asked some people to read a movie line and you're gonna have to guess if this is a line you said in a movie.​" As fate would have it, the chosen participants were non-young people with decades of movie-peeping experience. 

After opening with the classic "work your mouth like a puppet" bit from Adam McKay's The Other Guys, Jackson was subjected to reenactments of equally classic moments from Soul Men and a curveball attempt involving some Al Pacino dialogue from Scarface:

Jackson was at Kimmel HQ to promote Raoul Peck's I Am Not Your Negro, a documentary based on an unfinished James Baldwin manuscript for which Jackson provides narration. The film was nominated for an Academy Award earlier this week and, post-election, just might become the most important movie of the year.