These days, it feels like we can’t get away from politics. Between the inauguration, rallies, and Facebook posts, we’re constantly inundated with the current state of political affairs. Fortunately, there’s a new show that takes the piss out of it all. And guess who’s the producer? None other than former Fox turned NBC News journalist and political commentator, Megyn Kelly.

You’d think with a serious background like Ms. Kelly’s, the show would be more West Wing and less Friends meets VEEP,  but that’s exactly what go90’s new show feels like. In a breath of fresh air, Embeds introduces a side of politics we don’t see. The side of the embeds. Cue the question—what’s an embed?

Basically, they’re reporters assigned by their news organizations to be “embedded” with presidential candidates during a campaign. Imagine the political version of rock and roll journalists (i.e. Almost Famous). Between sleeping with each other (and the candidate's daughter), and partying between campaign stops, the characters and their antics will make this show one of your new guilty obsessions.

What makes it even better is the show's creator, Scott Conroy, was once an embed for CBS, covering Gov. Mitt Romney and that year’s Republican vice-presidential nominee, Sarah Palin. Knowing that just makes the show that much better, considering it's more "real" than most reality shows. So if you're sick and tired of all the politics, take a load off with Embeds. Check out the first episode "embedded" above.